Stop Telling Yourself Straight Up Lies

Recently I was skimming through a magazine where I came across an article that stood out to me strongly. I was intrigued immediately, mainly by this specific sentence which was, ‘Some of the things you tell yourself are straight up lies.’

I paused thinking to myself about what I had just read. And how much  it was to my every day habits I constantly struggle withWhy do I constantly allow this voice to take over?? Why in the world do I keep letting it get the best of me time after time???? And yes I am talking about that pesky little voice in your head  ..The one that loves to criticize you..That one who says brutal, awful, mean things. ..Words which stab deep within hurting you. You tell yourself lies…which eventually ends up as your reality, things you believe to be true.

…For the longer you keep telling yourself the same thing over & over again, the easier it becomes to believe it. Makes sense right? You are constantly reinforcing that message in your mind…continually telling yourself you can’t… manifest & take over your life. And you know where this gets us??


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