For I am not a statistic.

I am here for many reasons. But the most important one for me is to make a difference, whether it be big or small, by sharing with all of you my story. I want to show people even though I have been through hell and back after a very awful bad abusive relationship I had been in. I want to help those who think there is no hope and that they matter. For I am not just a statistic or a victim … I am a survivor. I believe everything happens for a reason, and also a firm believer that every one in due time will get ones karma they deserve. It will come …maybe not right away..or as fast as you would like…but it will. I truly believe some of our lowest points we experience in life often lead us to figuring out our real purpose in life. So for me it is getting people to talk about a topic everyone rather ignore then speak about…which has to stop.The whole stigma around abuse in general needs huge improvement. This cannot be something we ignore or push aside. We must open our eyes. We must stop looking away. And for myself I must spread my own personal story to help all of those who cannot. As well as finally not be ashamed of my own story rather be proud that I today can stand here letting everyone know I am not ashamed by my past. For I am not a victim, I am a survivor.